Vinyl Cases

Safe transport and storage in a great design.

The Audio Anatomy Cases

Product Description of Vinyl Cases

Vinyl records are very fragile and too much pressure or a small amount of dust could already cause major harm. That is why it is particularly important to store the records in a secure place, such as our vinyl cases.

The design of our vinyl cases is simple but elegant. The two models only differ in their size. To transport your singles, we recommend our smaller model, the 7-inch vinyl case. The case can transport up to 50 singles. If you want to transport your vinyl records, our 12-inch vinyl record case is suitable. You can store up to 34 LPs or 25 double LPs in it.

Product Advantage of Vinyl Cases

Thanks to our ergonomic handles, the cases provide a high level of comfort and protect your records against external influences at the same time. With the help of our cases, your records are securely stored. To sum up, our vinyl cases provide the following advantages:

  1. ergonomic handle
  2. protection of singles/records
  3. storage space
  4. stylish optic
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