Vinyl Outer Sleeves

To protect against moisture, dust and fingerprints.

Product Description of Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

Our vinyl outer sleeves help you protecting your records over years. The sleeve protects the record itself as well as the cover. This helps to prevent damages caused by fingerprints or other external influences. All you need to do is to put the record cover in the outer sleeve to avoid the mentioned risks.

Our offer consists of outer sleeves in two different sizes. If you want to store singles, our 7-inch outer sleeves are suitable. For LPs and Maxis, however, we also offer a 12-inch alternative. Furthermore, double records can be protected by our double record outer sleeves.

Product Advantage of Vinyl Outer Sleeves

Do you want your vinyl records to stay in perfect condition? Our outer sleeves make this possible by protecting against:

    1. Dust
    2. Fingerprints
    3. Humidity

Thanks to our record outer sleeves, you can safely store your records on your shelf or in one of our record cases. By equipping your records additionally with our inner sleeves, a high degree of protection is ensured.

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