Vinyl StabilizerS & Clamps

Reduces vibrations for best possible sound reproduction.

Product Description Vinyl Record Stabilizers & Clamps

Records can become corrugated over time due to incorrect storing. This negatively affects the record’s appearance as well as the sound experience. Our vinyl stabilizers and clamps solve this problem by pressing the record against the turntable, which enables an ideal contact between the needle and the record. As a result, disturbances and vibrations are avoided. Our vinyl clamps have the same effect but instead of high weight, they work with high contact pressure.

We sell stabilizers in four different colours – black, silver, red and yellow. Our vinyl record stabilizers are made out of aluminium and convince with an appealing, modern design and a weight of 416 grams. Different to the stabilizer, our clamps only weigh about 85 grams. Both products fit on every turntable due to their universal sizes.

Product Advantage of Vinyl Record Stabilizers & Clamps

The Audio Anatomy vinyl record stabilizers and clamps reduce vibrations and enable an optimized sound reproduction. In sum, they offer the following advantages:

  1. Appealing appearance
  2. High-quality finish
  3. Improved sound experience
  4. Stabilization of rotation speed
  5. Avoidance of disrubtions and vibrations

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