Vinyl Racks & Stands

For convenient and good-looking storage.

Product Description of Vinyl Record Racks & Stands

A secure storage is a prerequisite for maintaining your records in a good condition. If your vinyl records are stored in a shelf without any protection, the records could be affected by deformations or other forms of wear and tear. Vinyl storage racks solve this problem in an elegant way. The record rack convinces with its high storage capacity as well as its design. For those, who also want to carry their records with them when they are not at home, our vinyl cases are recommended.

We sell our vinyl storage racks in retrodesign in three different colours – orange, black and white. All of the stands are available in universal size and are made for up to 40 12-inch records. The material of the racks is very durable and the product itself convinces with its high quality finish and production in Germany.

Product Advantage of Vinyl Racks & Stands

The combination of great design, high-quality materials and convenient use, make Audio Anatomy Vinyl Racks & Stands an indispensable accessory for vinyl lovers. The vinyl storage racks:

  1. Look good,
  2. Are durable and
  3. Offer space for up to 40 vinyl records.

Anyone that wants to proudly present their vinyl record collection, can do so with the help of our vinyl racks. Due to the durable material and appealing design, you can store your records securely. At the same time, it serves as a decor element and eye-catcher. 

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