Vinyl Slipmats

For improved sound quality and avoidance of electrostatics.

Product Description of Vinyl Slipmats

Vinyl Slipmats are placed on the turntable to decouple it from the vinyl record. As a result, the sound changes depending on the material of the vinyl slipmat. The slipmat‘s properties prevent harmful resonances and additionally avoid electrostatic charging that causes cracking sounds when playing your vinyl. Consequently, they optimize your sound experience.

Vinyl experts notice a difference between the sound of vinyl records with slipmats of different materials. That is why we offer vinyl records made of cork, cork and a nitrile rubber mix as well as leather.

Product Advantages of Vinyl Slipmats

The product advantages of our vinyl slipmats can be described as followed:

  1. reduce resonances and vibrations
  2. reduce electrostatic charging
  3. Protection
  4. Appealing design

With the help of our vinyl slipmats, you optimize the sound experience of your vinyl records. Depending on your preferences, we offer models in leather or cork that create different sound experiences.

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