Shipping methods

MOde of shipment

AT Paket Premium Österreich
EU+UK Paket Premium International
Oll other countries Paket Plus International


Normal transport time

AT: 1-2 workingdays
DE: 2-3 workingdays
EU: 3-8 workingdays
Welt: 7-21 workingdays

Support with questions in DE, EN.
All items come from our logistics center in 8055 Seiersberg, Austria, Europe.


shipping costs

shipping costs free shipping from
AT € 4,99 € 40
DE € 6,99 € 60
FR, IT, BE, NL, LU, CZ, HU, SI, HR, PL, BG, SK, FI, SE, DK € 9,99 € 80
EE, GR, IE, LT, LV, MT, PT, RO, ES, CY € 12,99 € 100
UK, CH, NO, IS, TR, FO, GL, GG, JE, LI, MC, UA, BY, RS, BA, MD, AL, MK, XK, ME, KZ, AD, SM, VA, EG, DZ, IL, LB, LY, MA, PS, SY, TN € 24,99 € 200
US, CA € 29,99 € 250
all other countries in the world € 59,99

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