Vinyl Cleaning Brushes

For efficient and easy to use dry and wet cleaning.

Product Description of Vinyl Cleaning Brushes

The fibres of the brushes enter deeply into the grooves of the vinyl and therefore remove dust very efficiently. At the same time, while cleaning the record, static electricity is being discharged. Thus the two main reasons for disturbed sound reproduction, dust and electrostatics, are removed by using the Audio Anatomy Vinyl Cleaning Brushes.

In sum, the following advantages can be stated:

  1. removal of dust
  2. discharge of static electricity
  3. improved sound experience
  4. increased lifespan

Thanks to the antistatic effect of our brushes, you will avoid dust on your vinyl records. Regular brushing of the records ensures a longlasting protection. 

Product Advantages of Vinyl Cleaning Brushes

Regularily cleaning your vinyl records is a prerequisite for maintaining a great sound performance over time. A dusty record neither looks nor sounds good as the tone is affected by impurities on the vinyl record. Dust in particular is often very persistent, as it enters the tiny spaces between the grooves of the record.

To prevent the latter problems, you can use our vinyl cleaning brushes that are perfectly suited to remove impurities from the grooves of vinyl records. We offer brushes out of various materials, being: carbon fibre, oak wood and goat hair as well as velvet.

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