Vinyl-Brush Velvet Black


Highly efficient and easy to use // Antistatic discharge // For wet- and dry cleaning // Thorough cleaning through very dense velvet // User-friendly handle

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The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Brush Velvet ensures highly efficient and easy to use dry and wet-cleaning of vinyl. The very dense velvet enters deeply into the grooves of the vinyl and therefore removes dust very efficiently. At the same time, while cleaning the record, static electricity is being discharged. Dust and electrostatics, two of the biggest causes of disturbed sound reproduction, are both removed using the Vinyl-Brush Velvet from Audio Anatomy.

Apart from its cleaning capabilities the Velvet Brush impresses with its beautiful design, which not only looks great but also has a very user-friendly handling. In order to keep your vinyl clean from dust after the use of the Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Brush Velvet, we recommend to store your vinyl in the antistatic Audio Anatomy Inner Sleeves.

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