Vinyl comeback or rennaissance?

Vinyl records are making a comeback! Or is this just a hype?

Most people of generation X & Y had the chance to encounter vinyl records either through our (grand)parents or by purchasing their own LPs. Who’s not loving carefully opening the thin paper sleeve and taking out the LP? With second-hand LPs, you sometimes also find a distinct smell on your record, similar to when smelling in an old book.

CDs are out, vinyl is in?

Indeed, as shown by the figures released from the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), there has been an estimated rise up to 10% in LP sales, while CD sales have dropped by 12% in the last year.

From purchasing either a second-hand or brand new LP enjoying the analog journey is a unique experience. One should keep in mind, that depending on the pressing process and the maintenance of the LPs this experience might differ. You might even hear a crackle, background noises, and warm tones. All of these features and the better dynamic range let vinyl records have a lot more character than other music formats.

There are probably other reasons that led to a sales increase of LP records. One could be the overload of the market and the unlimited offer of tunes via streaming services. It’s possible that listeners want to take their time again listening to one record at a time cause they’ve been overwhelmed with the endless choices from the web. Artists put an incredible amount of work into composing their songs and arranging the perfect track list of an album. In an interview of Adele for example, she stressed the importance of following the artist’s vision instead of shuffling between the songs. As the creator would wish the album to be heard. 

Why do younger generations take a turn towards vinyl discs?

Let us be honest – almost every Gen Z individual has online music streaming accounts. However, they are becoming eager to get their parents old turntables and make them part of their own aesthetics. As explained in an article on Vinyl’s comeback by the Guardian, the author’s teenage daughter has his portable with a selection of his LPs in her room because it looks good.
Record Stores: A not-so-new hotspot for Gen-Z

Moreover, the Gen-Z generation is a generation that dismisses the idea of standard and praises individuality. To them, uniqueness does not lie on the tip of a button, but on something more perplexed, which carries history and unities previous decades to the twenty-first century. Simply said, they are amazed by the cult and trend of vinyl records. These offers the Gen-Z with so many possibilities to express their creativity and still stay connected to the latest beats. And since in the last few years the trend of coloured, marbled, splatter or even picture discs increased, this trend won’t stop.

The fuss about the hype

Discovering the Retro Charm
Discovering the Retro Charm

Indeed, LP sales have increased on a global level. But is this a comeback, a renaissance, or just a hype? Let us consider this as a continuum: between the existence of a product, its first boom in the market, its silence while other products appear, and its return on the market. If this is a sign of something, it’s a sign of a great invention that still delights us after almost a century of existence.

And how did we discover our love towards vinyl records? Check our next article to find out more about the birth of Audio Anatomy and why we offer the finest vinyl accessories. 

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